Creating an event

With our 3-step process, it's super quick and easy to get your events created, posted and tickets selling! 

Creating an event:

  • Click the 'Create' tab in the top toolbar of the dashboard, this will take you to the event creation page
  • Basics. Enter the following information
    • Event name
    • Event description
    • The venue
    • Which category of event 
    • The time zone of your event
    • The date and time of your event (or add multiple time slots if your event runs on different days too - you can add multiple time slots in bulk)
    • Which currency you'll be selling tickets in
  • Tickets. Set the following information:
    • Your ticket types (as many as you need) 
    • How you want the booking fees to be covered (whether you are absorbing it or passing it on to your customers) 
    • A maximum amount of tickets, 
    • Whether you'll allow customers to pay by invoice 
    • Whether to include tax on your ticket prices 

    You can also name your ticket types - you'll need to enter a quantity for each ticket type and a price then the booking fee per ticket will appear. 

  • Click the 'edit' button on a ticket to:
    • Set 'on sale' from/until dates and times
    • Restrict the amount that can be bought in a single transaction
    • Add additional options (such as required information or merchandise for sale and the status of the ticket) 
  • Extras. The extras for your event page are:
    • Event images (maximum of 3)
    • Terms and conditions for your event
    • Privacy policy
    • Refund policy
  • When you're happy with what you have, choose:
    • 'Post privately' if you want to make sure only those you invite can access the event
    • 'Post live' to make your event public
    • 'Save as a draft' to make changes before going live

Please note: if you're a new organiser, your event may enter into an "under review" state - this is for added security for all users on Helm Tickets to combat fraudulent events being posted. More information on this can be found in the account moderation article.

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