How to Duplicate an Event

Whether you're running several of the same event or want to use last year's event as a template for this year, it's super simple to duplicate one and this article will run you through the process.

1. Log into your Helm Tickets Account.

2. Select the 'Events' dropdown from the left-hand sidebar, then click 'View My Events'.

3. Here, you'll find a toggle allowing you to view your Upcoming or Previous events. Use the toggle to locate the event you'd like to duplicate, depending on whether the event has passed or not.

4. If you've got a lot of events, you can use the search bar below the 'Upcoming/Previous' toggle to locate the event you want to duplicate.

5. Once you've located your event, look to the 'Actions' column on the far right.

6. Select the 'Copy' button from the Actions column.

7. All done! When searching through your events, the duplicated event will be titled the same as the original with 'Copy' added to the end.

You'll also find that all aspects of the event have been duplicated, including ticket types and additional fields.

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