How to add new or extra tickets to your event

Adding new or extra tickets to your event: 

  • Select the event you need to add tickets to
  • On the event dashboard, in the 'Options & info' section, click 'Edit event'
  • On the editing page, either click the 'Tickets' tab at the top or scroll to the tickets section
  • Here you'll see your existing tickets
  • You can add extra tickets to your existing ticket types by adjusting the available quantity fields
  • Or click 'Add New Ticket' to create a new ticket type and set new options such as available quantity, price and additional ticket options
  • You can also copy an existing ticket type by clicking the 'copy' option - this will copy the ticket for you to be able to make adjustments if needed
  • When you're happy with your new or extra tickets, save as draft, post private or post live
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