How to ask questions or add additional options to your tickets


Adding questions and options to your tickets are a vital way of ensuring your event goes smoothly, but, with Helm Tickets, you can use them to generate more revenue and capture additional marketing data.

A few use cases for additional ticket options are as follows:

  • Email marketing consent
  • Meal and dietary options with the ability to add costs to certain choices
  • Insurance & Health and safety forms
  • Accessibility and special requirements requests
  • Required age and confirmation boxes
  • Marketing Data capture such as "How did you find us" questions
  • Upselling of merchandise, such as T-shirts, workshops and event extras
  • The list goes on, it is only bound by your imagination!

    At present, fees for additional options work on the same pricing structure as tickets but are capped at 6%.

The Method

1. Create a ticket

2. Choose the best way of asking your attendees your question (checkbox, text field, etc).

3. Fill out the question and make it easy for you and your attendees to see.

In this tutorial, we will be using the checkbox, text area and dropdown select options. There are many different ways to ask your attendees questions, we recommend trying each method to make sure you use the most effective option.

Step 1 - Navigating to the event

On your dashboard, select the ‘Events’ drop down from the left-hand sidebar and click ‘View All Events’. Then find the event you want to add tickets to (you can use the search bar!). Next, select ‘Edit Event’ (Pencil icon) from the Actions column. 

Step 2 - Locating and editing your tickets
Load up the "Ticket Info" section of your event, this will be midway down the screen or you can select '2 - Ticket Info' from the timeline at the top. 

Your tickets will be listed under 'Ticket Information'. Locate the ticket you'd like to add additional options to and select the green arrow on the right-hand side, this will open the ticket's information panel.

Step 3  - Selecting your additional options 
Click the Additional Ticket Options toggle.

Now you will see the entire Additional Options panel. You can drag and drop the type of field you'd like to add from the selection on the left. For this example, we'll walk through a Radio Group and provide completed examples of Dropdown, Text Field and a Date Field.

So, after you've selected 'Radio Group' from the left side, hover your mouse over the module and an Edit icon will appear.

Step 5 - Creating the option
- Decide whether or not you need this to be a required field.
- Add a label - this will appear as the option title on your event.
- You can now name your additional choices and any additional costs.
- Leaving the 'Value' blank will display the name of the option on the ticket.
- Now you can provide an Output Text, which will title the option on the ticket.

Step 6 - Adding more options

As well as adding drink choices, you may also need to know dietary requirements, dates of birth or anything else! By following the same steps above but selecting the field type most appropriate for your option, you can gather all of the data you require.

Once completed, options will display as below.

All additional options selected will display on the ticket sent to the customer.

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