How to add additional ticket options

Additional ticket options are a great way to capture any vital information you need from your attendees. For example dietary requirements, accessibility requirements, allergies, and emergency contact information. You can also use them to up-sell on your tickets with merchandise, meal options and even ticket packages! Fees for additional options are capped at 6%

Adding additional options to your event: 

  • In the 'ticket information' section of your event, click 'edit' for the ticket you want to add additional options to 
  • Click 'yes' for the 'add additional ticket options?' option
  • The additional options builder will show the different styles you can use. You can only add extra costs to the 'select', 'radio group' and 'checkbox group' fields. 
    • Text field
    • Text area
    • Select (dropdown menu)
    • Radio group (click selection)
    • Checkbox
    • Checkbox group
    • Date field  
  • You can either drag your chosen field and add it to the blank area to the right or click on it
  • To edit the field, hover over it and click on the pencil icon that appears in the top right corner
  • If you want to make it a required field for your attendees, click the 'required' box while you're editing 
  • When you're happy with your additional options, save as draft, post privately or post live

Option fields explained:

This is the title of the additional option, it appears above the input box and explains what the field is for. 
Here you can add a question or a requirement, for example:
The placeholder is sample text that appears in the input field. This is a great way to prompt customers and give examples of what information you need. For example: 
The value is what appears on the ticket. This is helpful if you’ve used the multiple option additional option and don’t need the full option to be on the ticket. For example, if your attendee has chosen to pre-order a bottle of white wine, you could put the code WW (White Wine) in the value field. This will help staff on the night quickly identify your guests’ requirements.
If you’ve used a text field option, the value will appear automatically in the field instead of the placeholder text. This could be useful if you'd like the ticket to have a default for those who didn’t fill out the option, e.g. Dietary requirements? None.
As you can see below, the dietary requirements field is pre-filled with ‘none’.
These options appear on the ticket like this:
Output Text

The output is the text that appears on your attendees’ ticket, before their answer. This is the ‘title’ of the output, meaning it’s easy for you or your event staff to identify the details of the attendees’ ticket on entry.

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