How to transfer an order

As an event planner, there are often times when you might need to transfer a customers order to another event due to cancellations, postponements or even just down to the fact they cannot make the event any longer. See our related article on the benefits of event cancellation protection.

Transfers are easy and simple, this guide walks you through the process. 

If you're attending an event and looking to get your order transferred, please get in contact with the planner of the event.

Steps for planners

1. Log into your Helm Tickets account.

2. Click on 'Manage' at the top of the page, and select 'View all events' from the drop-down. 

3. Find the event - you can do this by looking down the list or searching and selecting 'view event' (the eye icon).

4. Once the event's dashboard has loaded, click 'View all orders' found at the bottom of the 'Latest orders' module on the right. Alternatively, you can search using the box under the title 'Latest orders'.

5. Find the order you want to transfer by either looking through the list or searching for the customer's details i.e. name, then click 'view order' (the eye icon). 

6. Under the order details, you can see the 'Actions' button at the right-hand side of the order summary. When hovering over the 'Actions' button you will see a drop-down appear. Click 'Transfer Order'. 

7. A pop-up will appear, with pre-filled information that defaults to the current event. Click into the 'Event' box on the right side of the order transfer pop-up. This displays a drop-down showing all of the events that an order can be transferred to. You can search for events using the search too. 

8. Once you have selected the event, move to the 'Date & Time'. In the right-hand side drop-down, you will be given all of the relevant date and time slots available to choose from based on your event settings. Select the correct date and time slot that you want the order to be transferred to.

9. Once you have selected the correct date and time, move to the 'Tickets' drop-down. You will be displayed with any available tickets that those in the order can be transferred to, along with their price. Select the ticket/s you would like the order transferred to.

10. Complete the 'Reason' box. This is required and any reason you enter will be included in the email that is sent to the customer when the transfer is complete, or if additional ticket options are required. Once you are happy with the details and reason for transfer has been filled out, click the 'Transfer' button.

11. Once the transfer is complete a notification sent to the user that initiated the transfer. The customer will also receive an email notification informing them that the transfer is complete, along with a link to download their tickets again.

Example of the email a customer will receive to provide further information (if required): 

Example of the additional ticket information request form (if required):

Example of the email a customer will receive once the order transfer is complete:


1. When an order is transferred, the price of the ticket, booking fees and any other associated costs will not change and the customer will not be required to pay extra or be refunded the difference.

2. An order can only be transferred to an event that has a matching booking fee, Event Protect and tax settings.

3. If you are transferring to a ticket that has additional ticket options, the transfer will not be completed immediately, and the customer will be required to complete any additional ticket options to complete the transfer. The order will be put into a 'pending' state and an email sent to the customer, with a link to a form where the information can be collected securely. The form can be accessed without the need to login or register for an account. 

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