How to enable Event Protect on Helm Tickets

Enabling Event Protect for your events is simple. You'll have the option to buy event cancellation protection when you create your event and the rest of the process is taken care of.

Event cancellation protection can protect you from gross ticket sales loss arising from the cancellation, disruption or rescheduling of your event resulting from circumstances outside of your control.

For more information on the benefits of event cancellation insurance, please click here.

Start creating an event

You need to create an event to enable event cancellation protection. 

If you’ve already created an event you can’t enable Event Protect after you’ve sold tickets.

Enable cancellation protection

Enable Event Protect and fill in the required fields (you’ll be guided through this). The 3% Event Protect fee per ticket can be passed on to your attendees or absorbed yourself. This is based on your booking fee settings.

And you’re done!

Using your event cancellation protection

IMPORTANT: Don't start any refund process or make any statements about refunds until Event Protect and the administrators have confirmed the circumstances reported are within the guarantee terms. If you want to cancel your event, please contact Event Protect directly who will guide you through the process.

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