How to change ticket details

As an organiser, you can easily update certain details about a ticket for your attendees. 

If you're attending an event and looking to update your ticket information, please get in contact with the organiser of the event.

Steps for organisers

1. Log into your Helm Tickets account.

2. Click on 'Manage' at the top of the page, and select 'View all events' from the drop-down.

3. Find the event - you can do this by looking down the list or searching and selecting 'view event' (the eye icon).

4. Once the event’s dashboard has loaded, click 'View all orders' found at the bottom of the ‘Latest orders’ module on the right.

5. Find the order you want to change by either looking through the list or searching by customer name, then click 'view order' (the eye icon).

6. Under the order details, you can see 'edit ticket details' 

7. Change the name or additional options of the ticket to the correct information.

8. Click 'save' and 'changes saved!' will appear

Any changes will appear on future guest lists and tickets that are downloaded by customers.

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