How do I issue a partial refund?

Partial refunds are handy if you wish to refund part of an attendee’s purchased ticket(s) for reasons such as a price drop or issuing cancellation fees.

In order to process a partial refund, you’ll need to access the “View All Orders” page from your dashboard and select “Refund Order” on the order you wish to issue a partial refund to by using the green arrow icon on the order.

This will bring the refund popup into view.

By default, the popup is set up for a full refund and all tickets will be selected at their full purchase amount. The selected ticket will be cancelled if you proceed with the refund without making changes.

If you wish to issue a partial refund, you’ll need to deselect the tickets that will not be included in the partial refund by using the left-hand checkboxes.

If you would like the tickets to be cancelled and invalid at your event, select "Yes" on the "Cancel" dropdown. Otherwise, select "No" and the ticket will still be valid at your event, but refunded/partially refunded anyway.

Now you can adjust the amount to be refunded from each ticket.

The total amount will adjust to how much is being refunded as a whole. This amount includes booking fees and tax.

Please note: the minimum amount that can be refunded is 0.50 in all currencies.

When you’re happy with the amount of the partial refund(s), you need to submit a reason for the refund  in order to continue. You can choose if you wish to notify the attendee of the partial refund via email or not.

If you wish to leave an internal note on the order for yourself, you can leave a note on the order. This could be a reason for the refund, such as a price change on the ticket purchased.

When you’re happy with all of the information, click “refund” and the refund will be complete. The ticket price will adjust automatically to reflect your revenue amounts on your dashboard.

Any fully refunded and cancelled tickets will be removed from your guest list CSV, so this will need to be downloaded again to ensure the changes are reflected in the final list.

Please note: Refunds can take 5 to 10 days to reach the attendee's bank account but most take place immediately.

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