How to process offline tickets

Processing offline tickets is a quick and easy way to track tickets sold face-to-face, over the phone, or even to substitute an incorrect ticket purchase.

Processing offline tickets: 

  • Select the event you need to process a ticket for
  • On the dashboard, in the 'Tools' section, click 'Process offline tickets'
  • You'll see the process page. Enter the main ticket holder's details including their email address (this is needed to receive their tickets by email) 
  • Add the tickets you need. Use the first dropdown menu to select the date and time (double check this for multiple date events), select the ticket type needed and the quantity, and click 'add'. You can add as many additional tickets as you need by following this process
  • Select the payment method for the tickets from the dropdown menu. This can be card, cash, cheque, invoice or none and depends on which payment you took or need to take
  • In the final section you can add notes to the order for your reference. These can include if it was a substitute ticket so no payment is required or if payment is still to be received. When you've finished, click 'process offline tickets'
  • You're done! The tickets have now been processed and you can see these with all other orders for your event

Customers will be emailed their ticket to the email address they provided during this process, just like if they'd bought it online themselves. 

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