How to create a seat map

Our seat mapping feature allows you to create assigned seating for your next event, allowing attendees to view and book their preferred seats based on live availability. We've outlined a brief overview of creating a seat map for your next event.

To access the seat map creator:

  • Select "Manage"
  • Select "View all events" from the dropdown list
  • Click the "seat" icon on the right-hand side of the event that you'd like to attach a seating plan to

To create a new seat map:

  • Following the above steps, you'll be on the Seat Map creator, which has some pre-defined inputs, as shown in the screenshot below

  • Edit the inputs to match your seat map layout for the total number of rows and columns for the total number of seats e.g. 10 rows & 10 columns. This will produce a big block of seats, as shown below. 

How to Add and Create Zones

Zones allow you to split your seating into blocks or banks, allowing for walkways and attendee access. To create a Zone follow the following steps:

  • To add a horizontal break in your seating click into the Row Spacer field, and enter the desired location for your first row "break", e.g. "2". This example would add a break after the first two rows.

  • Next, to add a verticle break in your seating, click into the Column Spacer field, and enter the desired location for your first column "break" e.g. "5". Using this example would add a break after the first five columns.

Note: to add multiple breaks in either the Row Spacer or Column Spacer fields, please separate each number by a comma e.g. 3,6,9

Note: to create multiple Zones, you will need to add multiple "Spacers" to create your desired layout. For example - if you want 4 equally spaced Zones, you would enter the total number of Rows and Columns (example shows 12 for ease). You would then add a Row spacer at row 6 and a Column spacer at column 6. This is shown below.

Once you have created your layout of Zones you can begin to assign tickets to specific Zones or disable certain seats that are not available to attendees at the checkout.

To Assign Specific Ticket Types to a Zone (optional):

  • You can select the seats you would like to assign to specific ticket types - these will be added to the box on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Once you've selected the entire range you'd like to attach to one ticket type, find the ticket in the dropdown under "Zones."
  • Select the tickets you'd like to attach to this Zone
  • Click "Create Zone". A pop-up will display and allow you to set a specific color for the Zone to help customers. Select the color you'd like to apply to the newly created Zone and click "Make Zone". You'll notice the page refresh, and the new Zone will show in the selected color.

Please note:

  • There is no option to change where the "front" is shown in this release. We recommend, if your layout is different, for example, your "stage" is in the centre of your seats, to create the seat map with a larger gap in the Column Spacer, taking over multiple columns and making it clear in your event description or attaching a picture of the layout in your event images.
  • Mobile users will not currently be shown the seat map in this release, but we are making optimizations to provide a more modern and friendly version to mobile users.
  • To disable seats for purchase, select the seats you want to take off sale. Select "disable".
  • To remove the seat map from your event, and go back to the standard checkout flow, turn the option "Do you want to show the seat map on your event page" to "OFF". This reverts your event to the standard checkout and hides any seat map you have created.

As this feature is part of a beta release, please send any feedback for future releases to

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