How to pay by invoice

How attendee invoicing works

When buying tickets, you can select whether you pay by card straight away or by invoice. These two options are displayed once you’ve selected your tickets and added any required details.

If you choose to pay by invoice, more options will appear, along with an information box explaining how your invoice will need to be paid by card. If you’re paying by BACS transfer, you should contact the organiser of the event to raise the invoice for you that will include BACS payment instructions.

When continuing to raise your own invoice:

  • Select if you wish to receive the invoice and payment instructions to your email or provide another payer email
  • A purchase order number can be created
  • Your invoice address can be added which will appear in the header of any VAT and payment invoices you receive

All tickets booked for an event using invoicing will be reserved until the invoice is paid or the payment term has lapsed.

Paying an invoice

When you choose to pay by invoice and have created one yourself, you’ll receive an email that includes an invoice pdf that will outline how much is due and when. There will also be a link to a payment page which can be accessed without the need to log in.

On the payment page, the invoice can be downloaded again if required and the card payment form will be present. Once payment is accepted and the invoice is marked as “paid”, you’ll be able to download your tickets.

A payment confirmation email will be sent to each relevant party. The attendee will receive an email to say it’s been paid and if applicable, the payer will receive a payment confirmation email.

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