How to apply automatic bulk-buy discounts

Automatic bulk discounts are a great way to offer savings to your attendees, such as ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy one get one free/half price’ with no need to supply a discount code.

Adding the automatic discount: 

  • From the event dashboard, in the 'Tools' section, select 'Discount Codes'
  • This brings you to the discount code management page - click 'Add a Discount Code'
  • You'll see the discount code creator. Choose whether the discount will be a monetary amount (e.g. £10 off) or percentage off each ticket (e.g. 50% off)
  • Set the bulk discount amount e.g. if you're doing a 'buy one, get one free' discount, you'd set it as 2 (with a 50% discount) 
  • Turn on the 'auto apply bulk discount' toggle (to the right of the ticket quantity field)
  • Add which tickets the discount applies to using the dropdown menu. Choose which ticket you want to add it to, and click the 'add ticket' button. If you want to include all your tickets, leave this field blank and the discount will be added to all of them for you 
  • Click 'add' at the end 

You can also choose whether to: 

  • Limit the amount of uses each customer has (one for each customer is fairly common)
  • Whether to switch the discount on or off
  • Set a start and end date (this can be useful if the discount is for a limited time only so you don't need to remember to turn it off) 

How attendees see the discount:

  • They select the amount of tickets they need for the discount

  • The discount is applied when they click 'checkout' and they can continue the process. They'll see a notification bar to let them know the discount has been applied for them 

Please note: We always adjust the fee for discounted tickets. For example: If a discount code is used for 50% off a ticket, then the fee is recalculated based on the new, reduced amount.

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