How to apply automatic bulk-buy discounts

Automatic bulk discounts are a great way to offer savings to your attendees, such as, ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy one get one free/half price’ with no need to supply a discount code.

From the dashboard, under “Tools”, select “Discount Codes”.

Followed by “Add a Discount Code”.

From here, you can add the value of discount as a percentage or a monetary amount off each ticket that is purchased, to fall in line with the savings you are offering.

Example: Tickets at £50 each and on a buy one get one half price offer:

To make the bulk discount automatic, simply switch the Auto Apply toggle to “on”.

You can also set the maximum amount of uses for the discount. So if it’s for the first 10 customers for example, simply enter “10” into the “maximum total uses” field.

Finally, you can now select which ticket type, if more than one is offered, that the bulk discount will apply to. If none are selected, the discount will apply to all tickets that are available for your event.

Once a ticket(s) is selected, if any, click “Add Ticket” and follow this by clicking “Add” at the bottom of the box. You’re done and your discount has been added to your tickets!

The automatic discount will be added once the customer has selected the required amount of tickets for the discount and have clicked “checkout”.

Please note:

Helm always adjusts the fee for discounted tickets.For example: If a discount code is used for 50% off a ticket, then the fee is recalculated based on the new, reduced amount.

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