Adding discount codes to your event

Discount codes are a great way to boost sales and reward your attendees and members for their loyalty. You can also use discount codes to track your event promoters' sales.  

Please note: Helm always adjusts the fee for discounted tickets. For example: If a discount code is used for 50% off a ticket, then the fee is recalculated based on the new, reduced amount.

The 'Discount Codes' page is in the 'Tools' box on your dashboard.

When you select the Discount Codes option, the following screen will appear. This is where you can manage existing discount codes or create new ones by clicking 'Add a Discount Code'.

The following pop up box will appear for creating your discount code.

  • You can use the randomly generated codes or customise with your own. Add these to the 'code' box 
  • 'Value' is the amount of money or percentage you want the discount to be 
  • 'Value type' allows you to determine if the discount will be a percentage off or a monetary amount off (e.g. £10 or 10% off)

You can also choose:

  • If the code can be used only once per customer or multiple times per customer (using 'use type' and 'maximum total uses') 
  • Whether the discount code is usable yet ('enabled') 
  • A start and end date if you want the discount to be a limited time offer
  • To set multi-buy offers using 'bulk discount quantity'. You can use this for offers such as 3 for 2, buy 1 get 1 free or 2 tickets to receive 25% off. You can make this bulk discount automatic with the adjacent toggle labelled 'auto apply bulk discount' 
  • Whether to apply the discount for all types of ticket, or just specific ones. In the final box, select the ticket type from the dropdown, click 'Add Ticket' and continue until all that apply are selected

Click the 'add' button at the bottom of the page to save your discount code. 

You can view your discount codes in the dashboard, as shown below:

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