Adding discount codes to your event

Discount codes are an easy way to boost sales and reward your most loyal attendees. You can even track your promoter's performance using discount codes. This article will run you through the process of using discount code functionality. Discount codes give you even more control over the promotion of your event whilst saving you admin time.

Please note:

Helm always adjusts the fee for discounted tickets. For example: If a discount code is used for 50% off a ticket, then the fee is recalculated based on the new, reduced amount.

Discount Code Tool

Navigate to the event you’d like to create a discount code for.

Once you’re on the event dashboard, you’ll see a variety of modules, including ‘Options’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Latest Orders’. Look to the Tools panel and select ‘Discount Codes’.

Once on the Discount Code dashboard, click ‘Add a Discount Code’:

This will open the Discount Code Tool, where you can create and customise discount codes for your event.

Creating a code

Firstly, the system will automatically generate a discount code for you to use. However, you can customise the code to whatever you’d like, meaning you can provide attendees with personalised discounts or create codes based on your different marketing campaigns. To override the automatically generated code, simply remove the existing text and replace it with your own code.

You can get a new automatically generated code by clicking the green refresh button to the right of the code field.

Choosing the value

Next, you can choose whether to provide a percentage or monetary discount. Which one you select may depend on what the code is for, if you’re organising a promotional campaign, you might choose to offer ‘25% off all tickets booked this month’ but when offering a personalised discount, you may decide a monetary value is more persuasive. Select the type of discount and enter the value in the box to the left.


You can choose whether to allow discount codes to be used multiple times by a user or only once per customer. If you’d like to limit the use, select ‘One use per customer’, if you’re hoping to increase conversions and encourage attendees to bring their own guests, choosing ‘Multiple uses per customer’ may be more effective.

You can also choose whether or not the discount code is enabled. This is useful if you’d like to turn off a discount code once it’s been used, without specifying the expiry date. This gives you more control over what offers are available, without having to set a time limit during creation.

Start and end dates are not required but can be useful to control when discounts are available without having the added admin of manually turning off each code. For example, an early bird offer or limited-time discounts can be set to automatically turn on and off if start and expiry dates are entered.

To open the date selector, simply click in the empty field under ‘Start Date’ or ‘Expiry Date’.

Bulk Discounts

As part of the improved discount code functionality, you can now limit the validity of a code depending on how many tickets the customer has added to their basket. For example, a ‘3 for 2’ monetary discount code will only work when a specified number of tickets are in the buyer’s basket. Bulk discount quantities are not required but can significantly streamline your discount process, ensuring only those with valid purchases can receive the discount.

You can also select to ‘Auto Apply’ a bulk discount. When enabled, once the specified number of tickets have been added to an order, the discount will automatically apply without requiring the buyer to enter a code. This is a great way to reward guests buying multiple tickets, plus you can market your event with an offer like ‘3 for 2’, without having to provide a discount code, streamlining the purchase process for attendees and increasing conversion.

Maximum Uses

You can now also limit the total number of uses for a discount code. This means you could offer a specific deal for the first X number of buyers. This is another great way to promote your event and support your marketing efforts. Simply enter the number of times the code can be used in the text field.

Selecting valid tickets

The final step in the discount code creation process to selecting which of your event’s tickets the code is active for. This is helpful if you’d like to provide discounts to those buying a specific ticket, for example, a table ticket or an early bird ticket.

To select specific tickets, choose the ticket from the drop down and click ‘Add Ticket’.

Unless specific tickets are selected, the code will automatically apply to all tickets for the event.

Finally, click ‘Add’ to save the discount code.

Editing a Discount Code

Making changes to a discount code is easy, simply return to the Discount Codes dashboard and click the pencil icon, under ‘Actions’, next to the code you’d like to edit. This will open the discount code tool again. Tracking Discount Codes

We’ve also improved how you can track discount codes. From the Discount Code dashboard, you can quickly see how many times a code has been used under the ‘Times Used’ column. You can also quickly view orders which used a specific discount code by clicking the magnifying glass icon under ‘Actions’. Selecting this will open the ‘All Orders’ page, automatically filtering the orders and displaying only those which used the code.

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