Using the Memberships functionality

Please note: Our Membership functionality is currently available upon request, please get in touch via the contact form if you're interested in using it.

Accessing Memberships
1. Log into your account and click Memberships in the left sidebar.

2. If you're creating a membership for the first time, click 'Create New Group'.

If you'd like to view your existing memberships, select 'View My Memberships'.

Creating a Membership Group
3. Groups are used to differentiate between your memberships. Within a group, you can create different tiers (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold). For example, you may want to use Groups to create a membership for one networking event you organise as well as a separate one for a different club you organise.

On this page, you can name your group, choose to apply VAT and add your own Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy. Once you've completed these sections, click 'Save Changes'.

5. Once you've saved your group, you'll be taken to 'Your Memberships'. Here, you can see all of your membership groups and take actions on each one.

To continue setting up your membership, select your newly created group by clicking on its name.

Adding Membership Tiers
6. On this page, you'll be able to add tiers and view stats once you have sold memberships.

To add tiers, select ' Add a Membership Tier'. From here, you'll be able to totally customise your membership tier.  

7. Name your tier and add a description. Next, you can choose how long you'd like the membership to be valid for. Currently, you can choose between 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Ensure you enable the tier so it appears as an option for customers.

8. Below your tier name and summary, you'll see a section for adding a more detailed description and a tier image.

9. Next, choose your payment cycle, you can choose to charge your members Monthly, Quarterly or Annually, or provide them with the option to choose their own payment cycle. Do this by adding all three options and the appropriate price for each.

By adding different payment cycles, you can offer better rates to those willing to pay their fee annually.

Setting up Ticket Discounts
10. Membership Tier Rules allow you to give discounts or free tickets for your events to those with an active membership. To do this, you must have already created an event. For support on doing so, please read Creating an Event.

You do not have to add any ticket discounts if unnecessary but to do so, click the drop-down and select 'Ticket Discount', then 'Add New Rule'.

Firstly, you can choose to provide a one-off discount for members of this tier or a discount they can use throughout their membership.

Next, choose what type of discount you would like to apply, whether that's a monetary amount or a percentage.

Finally, select which event or ticket this rule will apply to. You should be able to to see each of your events and their tickets.

Select 'Add' to complete this rule and 'Save Changes' to complete the tier. 11. Membership Overview & Embedding
Once you've added your rules and saved, you'll see a Membership overview. Here, you'll see your total membership numbers and be able to edit your tiers.

Just like your events or calendar, you can embed your Memberships on your webpage. To do this, click 'Get your Widget Code' and follow the instructions. For more guidance on embedding, please read How to embed tickets on your website.

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