How to sync your event attendees to HubSpot

Setting up HubSpot through your Helm Tickets account  

  • Click on 'integrations' under 'manage' at the top of the dashboard
  • Select 'HubSpot' and sign in to your HubSpot account 
  •  You'll be redirected back to Helm
  • Here you'll see your event listings. You can turn synchronisation of contacts on or off for each event 

When sync is turned on, all the attendees for your event will be automatically pushed to your HubSpot contacts. Whenever a new attendee buys a ticket they'll also show up on HubSpot. 

You can then see each contact's activity timeline which shows you: 

  • When someone buys a ticket (or has an offline order) 
  • Attends the event 
  • Cancels an order 

If you can't see this, click 'filter activity' at the top right hand side of the timeline and make sure 'Helm Tickets' is checked. 

You can also see: 

  • How much money they've spent on tickets 
  • How many of your events they've attended 

To find out how to use these properties effectively to improve your own workflow, see HubSpot's quick tour of contacts.

If you've got any further questions about HubSpot, check out our 'HubSpot FAQs' article.

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