Managing memberships

If you're looking for information on how to get started with memberships, read this article: Using memberships

Managing your memberships:

  • Select "Memberships" from the 'Manage' tab at the top of the dashboard. This page allows you to copy, view, edit and delete your memberships

  • Click the membership you want to manage, and you'll see the tiers (if you've made any). You can copy, edit or delete these and add extra tiers 
  • At the top of the memberships page you've selected, you can:
    • See which members have subscribed
    • Download your membership CSV
    • See your memberships page (where members can sign up) 
    • Get your widget code to embed the page on your website
    • Edit, copy or delete the membership

Please note: members need to create a Helm account to subscribe to your memberships.

Viewing details of members

Click on 'view members' under the number of total active members.  Here you can see all your members in one place. You can see their:

  • Reference number
  • Name
  • Email
  • Tier level
  • Selected billing cycle
  • Membership status

You can also see:

  • How much they're paying
  • When they subscribed
  • When their membership is due to expire

Clicking on the 'view membership' button (the eye icon under 'actions') shows you the above information, the scheduled payment dates, and allows you to disable auto-renewal or cancel a membership. 

Please note: Auto-renewal is automatically applied, and members can cancel this at any time. 

Member list CSV

This is a downloadable list of all of your subscribed members. You can use it as a guest list for members at events you're hosting or for your reference. 

If you need any help with your memberships at any time, please contact us at

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