Using memberships

Memberships allow you to charge a recurring fee to any members you may have and give them access to specific benefits. They're a great way to give specific attendees free or discounted tickets and boost your cash flow with guaranteed membership income. 

To access memberships:

  • Select "Memberships" from the Manage tab in the top tool bar.
  • Click "+ New membership group" to create a new membership or manage current membership groups shown to you.

To create a new membership group:

  • Choose the membership's name
  • Click 'yes' under 'enabled' if you want it to be accessible immediately or click 'no' if you'd like to set it live later 
  • Choose whether to pass on or absorb the fees. Please note: the admin fees on memberships will be the same as the ticket booking fees.
  • If you're VAT registered (UK only), you can include VAT in your tier prices
  • Add any terms & conditions and a refund policy if applicable
  • Hit "save group"

To create membership tiers:

  • From your group dashboard, click "Add a Membership Tier"
  • Name your tier (e.g. gold, silver, bronze)
  • Choose the length of time the subscription is valid for (currently 3, 6 or 12 months)
  • Select to enable auto-renewal or not. Subscriptions will automatically renew after their selected length has passed. Members can cancel this at any time
  • Click 'yes' under 'enabled' if you want it to be accessible immediately or click 'no' if you'd like to set it live later 
  • Add a full tier description. This can include information such as perks that come with choosing the tier (e.g. discounts, special offers) 

You can also choose to add 'tier summary' which displays on the tier listing on the membership group page and a tier image. 


  • Select your currency and payment cycle:
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually (this is only available if you set your subscription length to 12 months)
  • You can add multiple payment cycle options that allow your members to choose their preference 
  • Set a price to each payment cycle. These prices include an admin fee that's equivalent to booking fees on tickets 

Tier rules

These can be optional ticket discounts, a set number of free tickets for select events, or both! You can only set tier rules when you have live events with tickets available. 

If you choose to give discounts to your members, you can set:

  • How many times a member can get discounted tickets during their subscription
  • A percentage or monetary value off tickets (e.g. 10% or £10)
  • Specific ticket types to selected events

You can also choose to allocate free tickets and set:

  • How many your members can redeem 
  • Which tickets they apply to
  • Which events they apply to

Click 'save tier' to finish. If you want more tiers, just follow the steps above again until you have the amount you want.

Created your Memberships and now want to manage them? Read this article on managing memberships

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