How to embed tickets on a WordPress site

This article will help you with embedding your tickets, but you should always refer to the documents supplied to you by your website builder regarding embedding and /or iFrames.

If you need specific assistance configuring your website you must contact your website builder's support team. 

Embedding your tickets
We currently support ticket embedding on and (business plan users only). Our tickets will embed with any version of

If you're using 

  • Your site will look like
  • If you're using your own domain, start a DNS lookup (using this link "nslookup") and you will get the answer with WordPress servers like "" 

If any of this doesn't apply to your site, then you're using 

What to do 

Step 1: Log into your Helm Tickets account

Step 2: Under 'Manage' at the top of your dashboard, click 'view all events' to find the event you want

Your event's dashboard will look like the one pictured below:

Step 3: Under "Tools" click "Get your widget code" to bring up the embed generator.

Step 4: Pick your embed code and copy the text that's generated: 

Step 5: On the WordPress dashboard within your WordPress page, click "text" on the builder settings.

Step 6: Paste the text you copied from Helm in the area you'd like your tickets to display, then click save. 

If you'd like to change the colour of the box office and customise it to your branding, take a look at this article.


If your tickets aren't showing, please make sure:

1. Your event is set as private or public, not a draft  

2. The bounding box your tickets are in isn't too small and can fit the tickets

3. If you're not using a Wordpress site, please use this article

If you're having further issues, please contact us at with a link to your webpage.

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