Branding your events

This article will walk you through the process of styling your box office or calendar embed.

Consider accessibility requirements for your customers when selecting your colours.

You can choose to set the brand style for all of your events (useful if you only run one type of event!) or you can set the styling for each individual event. We'll run through both.

Step 1 - Styling one event or all events

Styling all of your events

Login to Helm Tickets and select 'Utilities' from the lefthand sidebar, at the bottom of the list you'll find 'Event Brand Styling', select this.

Styling a single event

On your dashboard, select the ‘Events’ drop down from the left-hand sidebar and click ‘View All Events’. Then find the event you want to add tickets to (you can use the search bar!). Next, select ‘View Event’ (Eye icon) from the Actions column.  

On your event dashboard, you'll find a module titled 'Tools'. At the bottom of the module, click 'Event Brand Styling'.

Both Event Brand Styling buttons will open the preview panel, now we can start adding colour!

Step 2
The Brand Styling preview will appear. All previews will appear as our 'Puppies & Pizza Party'  (as below) to enable you to see the all of the styling options available.