Branding Your Events

You can change your event branding on your embed widget to seamlessly fit into your website!

To change the branding on a specific event:

  • Select the event you wish to change the branding for
  • In the 'Tools' Box, click on 'Event Brand Styling'
  • You will now see the brand styling panel with a preview box - Don't worry, this preview isn't your event!
  • There is a toggle for each item that can be changed, this must be changed to "on" to allow any changes to save
  • There are pre-set colours to choose from, you can create your own colour from the colour creation box or enter a specific colour number such as #d2232a into the dedicated field
  • When happy with your colour choices, ensure the toggles for the changes you wish to make are "on" then click save
  • Now check out the embed on your site to see your branding in action!

To change the branding across all events:

  • From the 'Manage' tab in the top toolbar, click on 'Branding' 

  • Now follow the above steps (from step 3) to change the branding for all of your events on the platform - even for the calendar embed!

Please note: your event will need to be set as private or live for your embed widget to show on your site along with the branding changes you make

Consider accessibility requirements for your customers when selecting your colours.

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