How to embed tickets on your website

This article will help you with embedding your tickets, but please note:

Always refer to and read the documentation supplied to you by your website builder regarding embedding and /or iFrames.

If you need specific assistance configuring your website you must contact your website builder's support team. 

If your tickets are not showing, please make sure that:

1. Your event is not set as a draft but set as private or public.

2. The bounding box that your tickets are in is not too small and can fit the tickets.

If you are having further issues, please contact us with a link to your webpage.

Embed your tickets

Sell tickets on your website! Implementing this feature is easy, and we take care of all the security checks and card processing for you. Before you get started, please make sure your website builder is compatible with embedding tickets:

Our ticketing embeds are compatible with any website builder that supports embedding of external sites and iFrames. If you're hard coding your site, you can also embed your tickets.

A current list of confirmed supported builders goes as follows:

The Method: 

1. Generate your embed code by choosing your style.

2. Paste it into your website builder/site.

3. Customise and enjoy!

In this tutorial, we'll be using the single event widget as the embed of choice. We have other views to choose from including our calendar view, please head here for more information.

Step 1:

Log into your Helm Tickets Account

Step 2:

On your event dashboard, look to the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen. Under the subheading "Events" click "View all Events" to navigate to the event page that you want to embed.

Your event's dashboard will look like the one pictured below:

Step 3:

Under "Tools" click "Get Your Widget Code" to bring up the embed generator.

Step 4:

In this window, pick the embed code you would like to use. Choose from the "Default Layout" if you would like none of your event details displaying, choose "Full Details Layout" if you would like all details displaying.

Once you have decided which layout to pick, copy the text which is generated below:

Step 5:

For these steps, we are going to be using Wix, but generally, this part is very similar to using other website builders.  Please take these steps with a pinch of salt if you are using another type of website builder.

With the text copied to your clipboard, head back to your website builder.

Create a new module and look for "iFrame" or something similar. This is how the module looks in Wix: