Contact Tracing for Events

As restrictions around the world ease, and we wave a partial goodbye to COVID, tracing customer information has never been more critical. In some countries, it has now become a requirement to collect the name, telephone number and address of every attendee. 

We've created a quick step-by-step guide on how you can collect contact tracing data from your attendees. It's both quick and painless, plus you can export all of this at a moments notice.

How to:

  1. Either go to Create, or Manage the event you want to add contact tracing for.
  2. Make sure all of the usual event information has been inputted.
  3. Scroll down the page to "Ticket Information".
  4. Make sure to input the ticket name, number available, price.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Click Yes to "Add additional ticket options".
  7. Click, or drag, a Text Field to the space on the right hand side of the additional options section. NOTE: You'll want to do this for each data point you want to collect from each ticket holder e.g. 1 Text Field = 1 data point (name). You'll likely want 3 fields, one for Name, Telephone number and Address.
  8. Hover over the field, and click the pencil icon. 
  9. Tick "Required" - this means your attendees cannot proceed with their order unless they fill out the field.
  10. Enter the title of the data point you're collecting e.g. "Name (contact tracing)".
  11. Enter the same info in "Output Text" - this is the text that's outputted on your attendee's tickets, so if you want it can always be shortened.
  12. Click close, and repeat for any of the other data fields you're collecting for.
  13. Make sure to publish any changes by clicking "Post Private/Live".


  • Requesting data this way will ask for the required details for every ticket purchased per order e.g. if your attendee is buying 5x adult tickets, they will be asked for this information for each of the 5 tickets.
  • All of the information provided can be downloaded by you via the downloadable CSV file.
  • If you sync your information with Hubspot or Mailchimp, and you need to make immediate contact with your attendees to inform them about any possible risk of infection, then you can quickly send a nicely formatted email to every attendee of each specific event. Pretty neat!
  • It's always worth checking to see if you need to update your Privacy Policy when collecting this data. You can always add this in at the bottom of the page in the event creator/editor. You can read more on adding your own privacy policy here.
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