How to contact all attendees

Contacting attendees:

  • If you want to send marketing emails to your attendees, you must get their consent before doing so. During the buying process, attendees will have the option to opt in or out of receiving marketing communications from the event organiser
  • It's okay to contact your attendees with any important information about the event (such as time changes or cancellations) they need to know without asking for their consent, as this is a legitimate basis for contacting them
  • The best way to contact your attendees is to integrate with MailChimp. It's the most efficient way to make sure you're contacting the right attendees with the right information. Read our integrating MailChimp article to find out how to do this

Please note: the number of emails you can send and contacts you're able to have depends on which MailChimp account you have 

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