How do I add my billing details?

Adding your billing details to your account ensures your revenue is paid out to you on time. Your billing details are needed in order to send any revenue that your events generate to your bank account. Once your billing details are added, you will be paid on a monthly billing cycle. More information on this can be found here.

Verifying Your Account

Once you have signed up to Helm Tickets, you will need to verify your account before you can add your banking details.

Once you’ve created your account, click on the top right-hand menu and select ‘Account Verification’. 

Here, you’ll be asked to submit your individual or business details, including a form of identification.

This message displays until your account is verified:

This message displays once your account is verified:

Adding your banking details

Once you’ve successfully verified your account, you will then be able to add your banking details for payouts. There are different requirements depending on where you are based, so you will be prompted for the necessary information for your currency. 

To add your billing details, click on the top right-hand menu and select ‘Billing Details’ from the dropdown. Here you can add your details - ensure you click ‘Submit’ after you have filled out the form.

If you have issues with adding your billing details, please make sure to get in touch by clicking "Start a conversation" at the top of our help centre.

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