Changing the date of your event

If you need to add additional dates or time slots to your event, please see our support article on Multi-Date Events.

From your dashboard, locate the event you wish to edit by looking on your Account Overview page. If you have multiple events, it may not appear in the list, so click ‘Events’ in the left-hand sidebar and select ‘View Your Events’. 
Locate your event from the list or use the search bar. Once you’ve found the event you’d like to edit, click the Pencil icon under ‘Actions’.
If the event or time slot you wish to change has already sold a ticket, you cannot edit the date - it will appear greyed out as below. To change the date, you need to cancel & refund any previous orders.
For dates you are able to edit, simply click the date field - this will open the date selector. 
Or, you can delete any additional date slots you created by clicking the bin icon.
Once you’ve selected your new date or deleted unwanted ones, make sure you click ‘Save Changes’ at the top right of the page.
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