Multi-date events

If you organise an event with multiple slots throughout the day or one that occurs weekly, monthly, or at other intervals, you can use our multi-date tool. 

Adding multiple dates

To add more than one date when you're creating or editing your event, scroll to the 'dates' section and click 'add new slot' after entering your first date. You can also click on 'add dates in bulk' to set recurring events. 

Click through the calendar to find the date and time you want. 
When adding a ‘maximum ticket quantity’, the amount you enter will apply to each slot, rather than to each event. So, in the example below, there would be 100 tickets available for each slot, not 100 events total. 
Please note: Once you've sold some tickets for a slot, you can't delete or edit the slot. To alter an existing slot with sold tickets, you have to cancel or refund the tickets.
Viewing date specific data
On the event dashboard, under 'options & info', you’ll can see your graphs and data for all the date and time slots or click the drop down and select a specific slot.
How attendees select a date
For events you’ve created with multiple slots, your event page or embed will display a dropdown in the date field, allowing attendees to see the different slots available.
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