Adding 'pay by invoice'

Adding pay by invoice to your event: 

  • When you create or edit your event, you can enable invoicing by clicking "yes" in the pay by invoice option in the "Ticket Information" section
  • You'll see a dropdown menu to choose the invoice "payment terms". This is the amount of time attendees have to pay their invoice as set by you (1-4 weeks). If the number of days until the event is less than the days set by you, the customer will have until midnight the day before the event to pay the invoice 
  • When you're happy with your invoice choices, continue editing/creating your event then save as draft, post privately or post live. Invoicing will be active for attendees to choose at checkout

Please note: When a customer chooses to pay by invoice, they'll need to pay by card to settle the invoice raised via the payment link that's provided as part of the confirmation/payment email. If they want to pay by BACS, the customer will need to contact you, the organiser, to raise an invoice for them including BACS payment instructions. To raise an invoice for BACS payment, you'll need to process an offline order

You can add your BACS and company information on the 'My Details' section from your dashboard.

  • All tickets bought via invoice will be reserved until the invoice is paid or the payment term has ended. After this, the tickets will become available to re-buy if unpaid and the original invoice will be cancelled
  • You can view the status of invoices in the 'Latest Orders' box on your event dashboard and clicking 'View Pending Invoices'. Customers won't be able to access their tickets until the invoice has been paid. 

You can pre-set your information in the My Details section from your dashboard to customise the invoices your attendees receive. Here you can upload your logo, enter BACS payment information, and invoice address under the "Invoice Options" section. 

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