Pay by invoice

Pay by invoice functionality is currently only available upon request. Please get in touch via the contact form to make a request for it to be enabled on your account.

Adding pay by invoice to an event

You can enable payment by invoice on a per event basis, which can be accessed from the edit event page or enabled during event creation. 
Once you’ve set an event to pay by invoice, you can specify the payment terms, which range from 1 to 4 weeks.

How it works

Once you’ve enabled pay by invoice on your event, customers will be able to select whether to pay normally by card or pay by invoice - this option is displayed after the customer has selected their tickets, workshop options and added their ticket details. 

If a customer chooses to pay by invoice, they can select whether to receive the payment details themselves or to send them to another recipient - choosing the latter will prompt them to provide the email address of the recipient. Customers will have to confirm they have permission to disclose the payer’s contact details.

All tickets booked through pay by invoice will be reserved until the invoice is paid or the payment term has lapsed. Organisers can see the status of invoice payments on the Orders page, either showing the status as ‘Invoice Pending Payment’ or paid. 
Organisers can cancel orders due to be paid for by invoice on the Order page. The Orders page is accessible by viewing your event dashboard and selecting ‘View All Orders’ at the bottom of the ‘Latest Orders’ panel on the right. 

Customers will not be able to access tickets until the invoice has been paid.

Paying an invoice

Upon completing the order, a confirmation email will be sent to the ordering customer whilst the payer will be emailed payment instructions. 
The payment instructions email contains an invoice PDF, that outlines what's due and when, along with a link to an invoice payment page, which can be accessed without having to log in. On that page, the invoice payee can download the PDF invoice again, if they wish, and will also be presented with the card payment form. Once payment details are accepted, the order has been paid for, and order is marked as paid, the customer will be able to download their tickets. Each party also receives a corresponding email to show that the invoice has been paid; the payee gets an email to say it's been paid for and the payee an email with confirmation of payment.

Raising an invoice

Organisers will also be able to raise an invoice on behalf of an attendee using the offline tickets functionality. If they select "Invoice" from the payment method drop-down they'll see a tick box saying "This invoice will be paid through Helm Tickets" and if ticked it'll show an input for the invoice payee email address. When submitted this will follow the same process outlined above, whereby the payee receives an email with instructions. The order will also show up as a normal order in the orders table, rather than an offline order and will be subject to our normal fees.

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