Pay by invoice

Pay by invoice functionality is currently only available on request. Please get in touch via the contact form to ask  for it to be enabled on your account.

How Invoices Work

When buying tickets, customers will be able to select whether they pay by card straight away or by invoice. These two options are displayed once the customer has selected their tickets, workshops and added any required details.

When the customer selects to pay by invoice, more options will appear:

  • The customer will need to select if they wish to receive the invoice and payment instructions to their email address or provide another contact email.
  • A purchase order number can be created.
  • The customer’s invoice address can be added which will appear in the header of any VAT and payment invoices they receive.

Please note: When a customer chooses to pay by invoice, a card payment will be required to settle the invoice raised via the payment link that is provided as part of the payment instructions. If they wish to pay by BACS, the customer will need to contact you, the organiser, to have an invoice raised for them that will include BACS payment instructions.

All tickets booked for events through invoicing will be reserved until the invoice is paid or the payment term has lapsed.

You can see the status of invoices on the orders page. You can access this from your dashboard and selecting “View All Orders” from the “Latest Orders” panel.

Customers can’t access tickets until the invoice has been paid.

Adding Pay By Invoice to an Event

You can enable payment by invoice for each event from the edit event page under “payment options” just after description entry.

When you have enabled invoices, you can specify the payment terms from 1 to 4 weeks.

Purchase Order Number Explained

When a customer raises an invoice, or you (the organiser) create an “offline order”, there is an optional field to input a “purchase order number”. This can accept any text that is required and once submitted, it will display on both the “view order” page and any invoices.

This is a requirement for some accounting teams to better identify their invoices by a unique code.

Raising an Invoice

You can raise an invoice by using the “Process Offline Orders” function that can be found on your dashboard under “Tools”.

When processing the order, under “payment method”, select “invoice” to raise an invoice. You’ll then see another field with a drop-down menu to select the type of payment that the customer needs.

I will create & process this invoice myself - selecting this option will require you to contact the customer directly with an invoice created by you and arrange payment.

Create & email the invoice, via Helm Tickets, to be paid by card through Helm Tickets - selecting this option will generate the order and invoice as normal and this will be sent to the customer along with payment instructions to pay by card and the date the payment is due by. Once the invoice has been paid, you and the customer will receive confirmation of this and the customer will be able to access and download their tickets. Payment will need to be made within the time frame specified by you but if the event start date is less than the time frame selected in the drop down, it’ll be the number of days or weeks up until that date. If it’s not paid within that time, the order will automatically be cancelled and an email sent to the customer to inform them that they didn’t pay in time.

Create & email the invoice, via Helm Tickets, to be paid via BACS - selecting this option will generate the order and invoice as normal and will be sent to the customer along with BACS payment instructions that are set by you. When you have received payment you’ll need to mark the invoice for that customer as “paid”. This will ensure the customer is sent a confirmation of payment email and they can access their tickets to download. They’ll only be able to download their tickets when they’ve been marked as “paid”. There is no time limit on BACS payments, but the order will need to be managed by you if you wish the tickets to be available before payment as this will only happen when the order is marked “paid”.

Customer’s Invoice Address

Whether a customer is raising an invoice when making a purchase or you’re raising an invoice by creating an “offline order”, a customer address must now be entered and this will be displayed in the header of any VAT or payment invoices for that customer.

Customise Your Invoice Address

The invoice address can now be set by you (the organiser) by accessing the “My Profile” section of your account and can be found under “Invoice Options”. Once set, this address will be displayed in the header of any invoice.

Custom Invoice Logo

Instead of having the Helm logo in the header of invoices, you can now upload your own logo. This new logo will then display on any newly downloaded VAT or payment invoices. You can upload your invoice logo from the “My Profile” section of your account and find it under “Invoice Options”.

Paying an Invoice

When a customer completes an order, a confirmation email will be sent to them along with payment instructions. If a different payer is selected, they will be sent the payment instructions and the customer will just receive the confirmation email.

When a customer chooses to pay by invoice and raises one themselves, the payment instructions email will include an invoice PDF that will outline what is due and when. There will also be a link to a payment page which can be accessed without the need to log in.

On the payment page, the invoice can be downloaded again if required and the card payment form will be present. Once payment is accepted and paid for and then marked as “paid”, the customer will be able to download their tickets.

A payment confirmation email will be sent to each party. The customer will receive an email to say it’s been paid and the payer will receive a confirmation of payment email.

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