Can I Charge for Tickets on the Door?

There are a number of ways to organise selling tickets on the day of your event and still gather important information from guests.

Please note: If you're an attendee looking to pay on the door for an event, please 
contact the Organiser

Through the website:
If you have access to a device (e.g. tablet) and an internet connection, you can prompt attendees to purchase tickets on the door through your event page. This will mean you gather all of the additional field information you've asked other attendees for and retain the information for future contact.

Currently, the best way to gather information from those wishing to pay in cash is to use the 'Offline Ticket' process from your dashboard. This way you are still gathering all of the data that you may need, which can be downloaded as part of the guest list CSV.

If you've got any questions about on the door sales, feel free to get in touch:

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