How to use the Scanner App

The Helm Tickets app can scan both paper and mobile devices, so save paper and encourage your customers not to print their ticket!

The app is available as a free download on the Google Play and iOS App stores.
You can find the app by searching for 'Helm Tickets' or following the links above.

  • Log into the app using your Helm Tickets login details
  • When logged in, at the bottom of your screen you will see tabs to view your events, open the scanner and access the search function
  • Events viewer
  • When using the scanner for the first time, you'll be asked to give the app permission to use your camera. This is required to scan tickets. 
  • As you scan your tickets, you'll be shown a box that will let you know the ticket has been scanned along with the holders name and ticket type and if the scan was successful. The scanned in total when you use the event viewer will also change as you scan tickets

  • If the scan clears as unsuccessful, this could mean the ticket is invalid or has already been scanned - you can use the search function to check that the ticket is valid for your event or has been scanned too

  • If an attendee has forgotten their ticket, no problem! Just select the search option and search for their name, order number or email and you'll be able to see their ticket and mark it as scanned

The app is very quick and easy to use! If you think it's not functioning as it should be or need some assistance with the use, email support and they'll be happy to help!


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