How to use the Scanner App

This article will provide a walkthrough for scanning tickets with the Helm Tickets app.

The Helm Tickets app can scan both paper and mobile devices, so save paper and encourage your customers not to print their ticket!

The app is available as a free download on the Google Play and iOS App stores.

You can find the app by searching for 'Helm Tickets' or following the links above.

Step 1
Login to the app using your Helm Tickets account details.

Step 2 - Finding the scanner
From the app homepage, you can view your events and enter scanning mode. Select 'Scan'.  

Once you've selected 'Scan', the app will request access to your camera, allow this to begin scanning. Once you're on the scanner, you can easily go back by selecting 'Cancel'.

Step 3 - How to scan
All you need to scan a ticket is the QR code on the ticket, as seen below. This can be scanned from a printout of the ticket or from an attendees' phone.

Simply hold the camera so the QR code is inside the green box.

Once you've scanned a ticket, the app will show that it's been successful.

Step 4 - Once you've scanned
As well as confirming the validity of the ticket, it will also adjust the 'Scanned In' total on the event, found in the event tab at the bottom of the app homepage. As you can see below, the total of attendees scanned has increased - this is great if you're not sure if everyone's arrived yet!