Do you work with PayPal?

Why we never plan to use PayPal for payments, payouts and event ticket sales.

Adding Paypal integration is something we never plan to do, for a couple of reasons: 

  1. PayPal processing fees are extortionate and we would never want to pass that on to a customer and;
  2. We're working on a smoother, more powerful payment platform for Organisers that allows you to get paid in whichever frequency you prefer.

We do already aid cashflow by paying out before your event is over. This happens on the 8th of each month.

For example, your event is in December and you sell £100 worth of tickets in June. You will receive £100 on the 8th July.

It's also worth mentioning that PayPal, depending on how much in ticket sales you process, will retain a portion of your money to cover for any refunds you might process. This can be anything up to 45% of your ticket revenues!

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