If you've recently purchased a ticket and want to request a refund we always suggest getting in touch with the organiser first to request a refund on your order. Depending on their terms & conditions, which you accepted when buying your ticket, they may or may not allow refunds.

To do this, head to the webpage you bought your ticket from. If you purchased the ticket directly from the Helm Tickets website there will be a "Contact Organiser" button on this page for you to contact the organiser.

If you purchased your ticket from a webpage that wasn't the Helm Tickets website, then you may find a "Contact Organiser" button on this page too. 

If not, get in touch with us with your Order ID and the name of the event and we'll put you in touch.

Once a refund has been processed on your behalf please allow 5-7 working days for this to clear in your bank account, or show on your credit card statement. Usually, however, refunds appear within 48 hours.

Helm, at this moment in time, refund any fees associated with the order. We reserve the right to alter this from time to time.

You are entitled to a refund of at least the face value of the ticket if the organiser has cancelled, rescheduled or has changed the location of an event. It is good practice for all event organisers to adhere to this!

If an organiser has listed in their terms & conditions that no refunds are available we still ask that you contact them first in any case to resolve the situation.

For more information please have a read over this article from Which?


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