How to refer other organisers

You can refer another event organiser to Helm using a referral link and you both get £20/$20/€20 of booking fees credit once they've signed up and verified on Helm. There's no limit to how many times you can reuse your link, so you can refer more than one organiser and receive more credit. 

To refer an organiser:

  • Share your referral link with the new organiser 
  • They click on the link which takes them to the registration page
  • They sign up and verify their account 
  • The account will be verified by Stripe and £20/$20/€20 is applied to your account and their account 

Please note:

  • The credit will be in your payout currency (for example, it will be in US Dollars if you usually have your payouts in US Dollars) 
  • They must verify their account before receiving booking fees credit (we will send reminder emails about this)
  • You and the person you referred will receive an email when the referral is successful and your accounts have been credited 
  • You can use your "Referrals" page to see if someone has signed up using your URL, their progress and registration date 

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