Dashboard stats explained

There are graphs with revenue and sales statistics on your dashboard. You'll see overall statistics on your main dashboard when you first login. To make them event specific, simply select the event you wish to see stats for.  

Hourly stats will show you: 
  • How many tickets you've sold at specific times of the day - hover over the graph to see this
  • Your gross revenue 
  • Your net revenue

Choose your gross or net revenue view from the 'Tickets Sold' dropdown menu and hover over the graph for specifics. Figures also include offline orders. 

Please note: if no hourly stats are available, the graph will not display any information

All time stats will show you:
  • The number of tickets sold in total
  • Gross revenue generated in total
  • Booking fees in total
  • Net revenue in total 

Analytics will show you:

  • A comparison of your ticket sales activity at dates and times of your choosing. By default, you'll be shown the last 7 days compared to the previous week
  • You can enter a custom date range or compare the:
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 14 days
    • Month to date
    • Year to date

You can change the 'previous period' you're comparing against by selecting a date range from the calendar dropdown when you click on the dates. 

When you're happy with your comparison dates, you can see:

  • Gross revenue
  • Booking fees
  • Net revenue
  • Tickets sold
  • Tickets cancelled
  • Reserve list tickets
  • Gross offline order revenue
  • Total offline tickets sold

Each stat has its own line graph to the right. You can hover over these to get more specific information about the total amount. 

*Gross revenues include the booking fees. Net revenues are after the booking fees are deducted. 

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