Email Notifications

It’s easy ever to control the communications you receive from Helm Tickets and organisers of events you’ve bought tickets for. To change your email marketing preferences, log into your Helm Tickets account.
Once you’re logged in, click on your name on the left-hand sidebar then select ‘Email Notifications’.
Here you’ll see a dashboard of your Email Notification Preferences.
On the left, you’ll find your Helm Tickets Email Notification Preferences. This is where you can choose to receive service critical emails, new feature emails or no emails at all from us. Simply click the toggle to turn emails on or off. Once you’ve selected your preferences, click ‘Update Notification Preferences’ to save the changes.

You’ll also see a second column, ‘Event Organiser Notifications’, this is where a list of the organisers you’ve purchased tickets from will be displayed. Here you can choose whether or not to receive marketing emails from each individually. Again, simply click the toggle to change your setting and click ‘Update Notification Preferences’ to save the changes.
Note: You will always receive critical notifications from these organisers if it is related to the event you are attending.

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