Downloading a VAT receipt

This article will explain how to download a VAT receipt for tickets purchased through Helm Tickets. If you bought your tickets using a Helm Tickets account, please view the instructions below. If you used Guest Checkout to complete your order, scroll down to the second section of this article.

Downloading a VAT receipt through your Helm Tickets account

Log into your Helm Tickets account here:

Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘My Purchases’ from the left-hand sidebar.

This will open a dashboard displaying each of your orders. Find the order you require a VAT receipt for and click ‘View Order’ from the right-hand column, ‘Actions’.

This will open an overview of the selected order, with details of the purchase. At the top right, you’ll see three buttons; ‘Contact Organiser’, ‘Download Ticket’ and ‘Download VAT Invoice’. 

Clicking the green VAT invoice button will initiate the download of a VAT invoice in PDF form. The invoice will look like this once downloaded:

Downloading a VAT Invoice for tickets purchased through Guest Checkout

To download your VAT invoice, you currently need to contact the organiser of the event and they will be able to provide you with the VAT receipt. We’ll shortly be implementing a link within the confirmation email which will allow you to access the VAT invoice immediately upon completion of your order.

You can contact the organiser by going to the event page and clicking ‘Contact Organiser’.

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