Reserve/waiting list feature

Reserve or waiting lists are a great tool to use if your event is sold out or you'd like to control who gets access to specific tickets or events. 

Please note: setting the status of your tickets to "sold out" will disable the reserve/waiting list feature. The status of your tickets must be set as "on sale" with available quantity of 0 until you add more to then activate the list.

Setting up your reserve/waiting list: 

  • When creating or editing your event, you can see the reserve/waiting list choices in the "Extra Info" section directly under the image uploader
  • To enable the reserve/waiting list, click "yes"
  • You'll now see 3 options: 
    • Disabled: Selecting this means you can't let potential attendees know when more tickets are available
    • Announce to everyone: Selecting this will automatically notify everyone on the waiting list as soon as a ticket becomes available
    • Reserve list: Selecting this allows potential attendees to reserve tickets when they've sold out. Only those on the reserve list will be notified that tickets are available so they have a chance to buy them before someone else does
  • There are 3 types of reserve list to choose from: 
    • First come first served: People will be told when a ticket becomes available in the order they joined the reserve list. You can set the amount of time someone has to buy a ticket before the next person is notified 
    • Randomly: This will randomly select people on the reserve list to be told that a ticket has become available. You can set the amount of time someone has to buy a ticket before the next person is notified
    • Manual reserve list: Selecting this option won't notify anyone automatically that a ticket is available. It allows you to manually select someone on the reserve list to notify
  • When you're happy with your reserve/waiting list, finish creating or editing your event then save as a draft, post privately, or post live

What will attendees see to register? 

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