Reserve/waiting list functionality

You can now enable different types of reserve and waiting lists for your event! You can add this during the event creation process or through editing your event.

Reserve/waiting lists allow customers to be alerted when tickets are available for previously sold out events due to returns, cancellations or if you add more tickets. This gives you more control over how tickets are managed, whilst also making tickets more accessible to those who would like to be notified when they go on sale.

Once you’ve turned on a waiting or reserve list, you don’t have to do anything else. Any email notifications will happen automatically, with no management required by you - easy!

There are three options when setting your lists: waiting, reserve and disabled. If you’d prefer not to have this functionality, simply select ‘disabled’.

How to set up your waiting list

When creating or editing your event, under ‘3 - extra info’ you’ll find a variety of info you can fill out about your event. ‘Waiting list’ is at the bottom of this information.

When you haven’t enabled a waiting list, the options will appear as below . Waiting  list or ‘announce to everyone’

When you select ‘announce to everyone’, your customers can sign up to an email list to be notified when/if more tickets become available. As soon as tickets are made available, everyone on the waiting list will be notified. This is the simplest way of having a waiting list and requires absolutely no setup or management by you.

Reserve lists

This type of list is more appropriate if you’d like more control over how tickets are distributed to potential attendees. Those who’ve registered for notifications when tickets are made available will be emailed one at a time, giving them priority access for a specified period of time . Once  you’ve selected ‘reserve list’, more options will appear.

Here’s a breakdown of those options:

  • First come, first served: those on the list will be notified in the order they registered. This is the option to choose if you’d like to reward those who registered their interest early with priority access
  • Randomly: the system will randomly select a user based on their ticket preference and notify them
  • Manual: the organiser can select customers manually from the list. This is for if you already know who you’d like to have access to additional tickets or have a preference

For reserve lists set to contact ticket buyers on a first come, first served basis or randomly, you can specify how long a ticket is reserved for before the next customer is contacted - this will default to one day. This option appears below the appropriate waiting list types . What  does a ticket buyer see?

When an event with a waiting list is enabled and sold out, customers will see ‘sold out’ next to the ticket type. Below the ‘checkout’ button is a link to join the waiting list . When  this is selected, customers will be able to enter their name and email  address,  and select the type of ticket they’re interested in and the quantity required - once confirmed, this will add them to the list.

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