Understanding a Statement

Note: At present, statements are distributed upon request. Soon we'll be automating the process to provide them on-demand.

Depending on your request, your statement will break down your annual, all-time, monthly or specific event revenue.

As well as including your ticket sales, booking fees, the VAT on booking fees and total due, annual and all-time statements will also display each month, with a breakdown of tickets sold and gross earnings for each.

Some statements will show breakdowns for several events if you have multiple.

Below is an example revenue statement for the period of October 2017 - January 2018.

Each month will be listed as its corresponding number i.e. 10 for October, 11 for November and so on.

Following that, the number of tickets sold within each month will appear under 'QTY Sold'.

Under 'Total Collected', you will see the total paid by the customer, including booking fees. This will be the case even if you've chosen to pass on the booking fees.

'Booking Fees' is the total amount of fees charged within the corresponding month - divide this number by the 'QTY Sold' to find the booking fee charged per ticket.
Finally, the 'Amount Due' is the 'Total Collected' with booking fees deducted. This is the amount you'll be/have been paid for each month.

Following each event's summary, you'll see the total fees charged by Helm Tickets, including VAT. This section also states the VAT for the Booking Fees, which is charged at 20% and included in all booking fee quotes.

Finally, your statement will show the total due to be paid to you or the total that has already been paid for you. This will be stated in this section alongside the date this payout is/was due.

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