Understanding a statement

During the day after the end date of your payout frequency, you’ll receive your payout statement outlining your transactions on Helm Tickets. Your payout statement includes:

  • A breakdown of all tickets sold
  • Assets sold
  • Memberships sold
  • Refunds
  • Top-ups

You’ll be notified by email when your payout statements are ready and payouts take place 7 days after the statement period end date.

For example, a weekly statement goes from Monday 00:00:00 - Sunday 23:59:59 and is generated the following day on Monday.

A monthly statement goes from 1st June 00:00:00 to the 30th June at 23:59:59 and is generated on the 1st of July. 

If a statement is generated with an amount less than the minimum payout amount (£75/$75/€75), it’s deferred and added to the next statement. Statements can then be deferred every month for as long as the amount is less than the minimum payout amount.

If your balance is reduced after the statement is generated but before the payout, the amount paid is also reduced.

For example, if a £200/$200/€200 statement is generated on the 1st, but you refund an attendee £25/$25/€25 on the 2nd. The payout on the 7th will be for £175/$175/€175.

On the following statement, it will show -£25/-$25/-€25 for the refund because it took place during the statement period. However, this amount has already been taken directly from the payout so shouldn’t be taken again from the statement (and therefore the next payout). To balance this, a statement item of +£25/+$25/+€25 will appear as ‘Previous Payout Deduction’ on your next statement.

You’re notified about possible deductions if you refund after a statement has been generated but before it’s been paid out. 

Please see a screenshot of this below:

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