Adding VAT to your tickets (UK only)

If you're VAT registered, you can include VAT in your tickets.

Adding your VAT number:

  • Log in to your Helm Tickets account
  • Hover over the head icon in the top right corner of the dashboard
  • Select 'My Details' from the list of options
  • Add your VAT number and click 'update details' 

  • In your event page, click 'yes' to allow VAT to be added to your tickets and choose if you want to show ticket prices with or without VAT. 

  • If you haven't entered your VAT number you'll see a notification box under this option with a link to the 'My Details' page. 

Please note: Once you've sold a ticket with or without VAT added for an event, you won't be able to add or remove VAT on the event. 

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