Do attendees have to create an account to buy tickets?

With guest checkout, ticket buyers don’t have to make a Helm Tickets account to complete their purchase. This means the checkout process is quicker, simpler, and could help to increase conversions.

Guest checkout is automatically available to all customers and organisers.

Customers can also checkout using details imported from social media to complete their purchase.

What do attendees do?
When an attendee selects ‘Checkout’, they'll be offered the option to:

  • Log in to their existing account
  • Register for a Helm Tickets account, or
  • Continue checking out as a guest

Once they've chosen to check out as a guest, they'll be prompted to enter their email address and can then enter their ticket details as usual, alongside any additional options. 

Once the order is confirmed, the attendee will be emailed their tickets. They can also download them from the confirmation page.

Please note: when checking out as a guest, you'll only be able to download your tickets from the end page after you've finished your purchase or via the 'Download tickets' button that's emailed to you. If you create a Helm Tickets account, you'll be able to access your tickets at any time in the 'My Purchases' section

What will you (the organiser) see?
If an attendee checks out as a guest, you'll still be able to access the same information as those that have created a Helm Tickets account when buying tickets. This includes their name, email, additional question answers etc.

On your guest list CSV (spreadsheet), there's a column that tells you how the attendee checked out. 

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