Guest Checkout

With guest checkout, ticket buyers don’t have to make a Helm Tickets account to complete their purchase. This means the checkout process is quicker, simpler and could help to increase conversions.

Guest checkout is automatically available to all customers and organisers.

What does a buyer see?

The purchase process remains the same, although when a buyer selects ‘Checkout’, they will be offered the option to log in to their existing account, register for a Helm Tickets account or ‘Continue checking out as a guest’.

Once the buyer has opted to checkout as a guest, they will be prompted to enter their email address and will then be able to enter their ticket details as usual, alongside any additional options. 

Once the order is confirmed, the purchaser will be emailed their tickets as well as being able to download them from the confirmation page.

What does the organiser see?

If a buyer opts to checkout without creating an account, the details displayed on the guestlist will be much the same as usual with ticket holder details and additional options, with some minor differences. On the event dashboard, the latest orders feed and order page will display the Ticket Purchaser name as ‘Guest’, for those orders made through the guest checkout functionality.

When guest checkout is used, your downloadable csv guestlist will display the ticket buyer name as ‘N/A’ but all other details will be there, including confirmation of the customer’s use of the guest checkout.

This is just phase one of the guest checkout functionality, so check back soon for further ways to streamline your customer’s ticket buying process.

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